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Namaste !! My friend !

It was some time in 2007 that I first ventured to create this personal website of mine. Initially it was just a fun. I had utilized the web creation facility provided by freeservers.

Through this personal website of mine I try to open up the personality that I am so that those who read about it would be able to know about another of their kind living among the billions like them in this world of ours without any one really knowing each other.

There are information about me, my likings , my inclinations and my learnings in life. Ofcourse, it is not complete. I am not a good writer. Ideas that come to my mind evaporate when I open the website for typing and uploading!

In the beginning, when I was just a novice, I thought my writing would be seen by many surfers. But later I learnt that it is not so. The internet is flooded with information,opinions, random thoughts and many such humanly created things. Quite often you do not get what you seek and there are chances that you randomly come across pages like this.

I know that people do not have the patience to read these kind of wrtings . I my self do not have patience! But at times, I read even those worthless scribblings made by unknown and unseen brothers and sisters! I compare those pieces of thoughts with mine.

I keep wondering on the similarities and the differences of thoughts.

Other than this website, I do share my thoughts on various topics which I consider as important though it may not be so for my readers. I have my blog site now called Rajan C Mathew's Blogs[click this link to visit it] and occassionally I also tweet using twitter. You may visit my twitter page here: Rajan C Mathew's Tweets

Those of you who may write to share any thing publicly may do so using the comment facility given in the Guest Book[ you get the link to that page on the left column bottom] There is also a mail facility in this site which is given in the contact page.

And finally let me thank you for visiting this site and reading to know about an insignificant non celebrity human being from Kerala, India. 

About Me

Professionally, I am an engineer, with basic educational background in chemical engineering.
I had my graduation level studies in ChE at Government Engineering College, Trichur Kerala during 1973-77 period and post graduate studies at University of Roorkee,[now IIT-Roorkee] U P during 1978-80 again in the field of ChE. I began my professional career as a Management Trainee (Technical) in 1980 of the largest Public Sector Steel Company, the Steel Authority of India Limited (SAIL).
I have been working in this company in various capacities and work areas like plant operation, design, project consultancy, technical document management, etc.
Environmental Engg especially that involving Water and Waste Water Management is an area where I have got the opportunity to involve to a greater extent and it is an area of special interest for me.
During the late eighties and the earlier ninetees, I had the unique opportunity to formulate and implement some major retrofit engineering projects for the integrated steel plant where I worked to make it more environment friendly.
I had the opportunity to be associated with professional organisations like the Institution of Engineers (India) and in the recent past had served this organisation in the capacities of its honorary secretary and chairman at its Bhilai Centre.
I am pained at the gradual decline of values and ethics in all walks of life including professional fields in the country where I live. I have been wondering why most people tend to be greedy, selfish and dishonest and make their lives and the lives of others miserable by becoming tense, angry, irresponsible and corrupt, when the fruits of being loving, caring, honest and pleasant could have made them live in a heaven like environment.
I am a firm believer in God. The Universal Father concept of God, as given in the Urantia Book, is the concept of God that my intelligence accepts. 

My dear friend ! I believe in the Universal Fatherhood of God and the Universal Brotherhood of Man ! Do you know what it means ?

I am an inquisitive person in search of truth and meaning of our worldly life. During the course of a few decades of life I have gained simple earthly experiences which keep making me realize the extreme vastness of knowledge around me and my extreme limitations to comprehend all those, yet at the same time making me aware of the gentle love and mercy of a mighty universal power taking care of me like a father.
During the many years of my professional career as an engineer, I worked as a designer of various kinds of utility systems. I know creativity through design is not an easy task. 

When I began developing this site, sometime in 2008, I was earnestly trying to find and know more about the Supreme Designer, about whom I didn't know much. Though I did not know Him, from deep inside my mind I knew Him as existing. Yes, I wanted to know more about Him. Just as most people in this world, I have been told about God and have been instructed about Him the way the religion of my parents taught. I also had a fair idea about the teachings of other religions, but my seeking mind reminded me of the shortcomings and inadequacies in those teachings.

That prompted me to know more about Him from the writings and documents now fortunately available through this wonderful communication media-the internet. I was browsing and reading and finally I found the URANTIA BOOK. From the very beginning, with the reading of a single page, my mind fell in line with it.

Yes, my friend, this is not a book written by any human being. It is a modern day revelation about God-the UNIVERSAL FATHER- and about His Spiritual and Material  organisation of Universes comprising of 7 trillion odd living worlds including our own world, earth- named URANTIA. The book is huge-over 2000 pages- and not of a human origin.

I would suggest you also to have a look at it and possibly read and understand it. You will find links leading to know more about this wonderful book about God in this site itself.

I now realize that only a very few people of my land are fortunate to know and understand the great truth that this book provides. I have taken the help of 'freeservers' to develop another site exclusively devoted to this great revelation of modern times. You may click on the link below to have a glimpse of the matter that it contains:


Best Wishes! God Bless !

Your Netfriend from India !

Er.Rajan C Mathew FIE

This Wonderful World

A few years ago I happened to visit Leh in the Ladakh region of Jammu and Kashmir. I had a long desire to be there as I had heard of the airfield situated at 12000 plus feet above the Mean Sea Level- the highest airport in the world ! Finally, I could do that with my family and I remember getting thrilled when the Indian Airlines Boeing flew down through the snow covered Himalayan peaks, almost touching those, just to land at the Leh Airport hidden between the mountains.
The Ladakhi people live in a naturally beautiful place, but in an equally hostile natural environment. The life is hard for people like us from the plains, as the oxygen content in the atmosphere is less. Any one coming there has to spend a day doing nothing just for the lungs to get acclimatized to the low oxygen atmosphere. But I marvel at the way in which the Ladakhis have adapted their lives in this beautiful, but challenging natural environment !
I remember the warm welcome my Ladakhi tour operator provided when we came out of the airport. He was a driver, guide, tourist guide, host, friend all-in-one ! He took us to many tourist spots in an around Leh, including to that beautiful Pongong Lake situated at an altitude of nearly 17300 feet above MSL.
This is a mini mountain sea rather than a lake, as its dimensions are of that order-in the midst of the snow clad mountain ranges. The water is salty and the water body is 160 km long with its major part lying in China and rest in India.
There are innumerable such natural wonders in our beautiful planet. Everytime I see such wonders of our world, I bow before Almighty God, our Unseen Universal Father, the First Source and Centre of everything that exist in the Grand Universe, including me ! I feel embraced in His Grace and Love and the opportunities He provides me to gradually grow in Experiences -both good and challenging !

The Urantia Book- My Knowledge Book of Treasure

I used to wonder about God and the Universe always. I have a fair idea on the contents in the religious books like the Bible, the Koran and the Bhagavat Gita. Though these books give some idea about God, that has not been able to fully answer many of my doubts, which could be natural for an inquisitive mind. Recently I came across this Book-the Urantia Book in the world wide web. It is a marvellous book answering the misteries of the universe (s) in the most matter of fact manner, quite satisfying the minds of people like me.