Er Rajan C Mathew FIE : Spiritual Insights

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[In this page I would like to attempt  expressing some of the spiritual issues that had been burning in my mind for quite a long time and the answers I derived by insight augmented by truths revealed to others over the years and available for all with a thirst for finding the Spiritual Truth. Some of my views may not be palatable to conventional religionists as they (the religionists) are childishly innocent ( yes, I mean innocent and I do not want to say that they are ignorant) to approach new concepts and revealed knowledge. It might take ages upon ages for the majority of people to migrate their mind to such levels. For example, when Jesus was on this earth, painstakingly teaching his fellow men about  the Heavenly Father God who is Spirit, the majority ridiculed him. A few generations later, Jesus is venerated as God Himself! Yes, Jesus is God to me and to all in this earth, as he is Son of the Father who is in Heaven. Since we are in the 21st century, having advanced much in our scientific knowledge, we need to revaluate out spiritual understanding in the context of scientific knowledge. As I see it, if God is the Universal source of all knowledge , wisdom, Power, and all those things living and non living, and all seen and unseen, as most religions postulate, we have a genuine right to know more of our Father God ('Param Pita' or 'Param Atma', and in that quest if we come across certain traditional beliefs posing as contradictions, then it may be a wiser decision to discard those traditional contradictions.]

A. My Statement of Spiritual Belief (Creed)

1. I believe in  God who is the Creator of the Universes and the First Source and Centre of Creativity for all non material and material phenomena including all visible and invisible life forms. 

2. I believe that God is Perfect, Eternal, Omni Potent, Infinite, Invisible, Supreme Intelligence and yet He loves his living creations at whatever realm or order they are, which include me too.

3. I believe that my personality, ability and intelligence, though miniscule and insignificant as compared to the higher orders of celestial personalities, are on account of thoughts of my mind which is a special gift from God which I should use in accordance with His plans, to reciprocate His love to me.

4. Through logical analysis of information available to me my mind is at ease to believe in the existence of innumerable worlds in the Universe where intelligent mortals like humans live and the existence of a super intelligent immortal celestial administrative system of God which executes His will.

5. I believe in God's love to me and believe that I am God's son from the teaching of Jesus Christ who lived on this earth about 2000 years ago as a perfect man and who taught humans to call God as ' Our Heavenly Father'.

6. I believe in the teachings of Jesus Christ and aspires to live according to his teachings to reciprocate God's love to me.

7. I believe that Jesus Christ was the human incarnation of a superior celestial authority directly responsible to God in matters concerning earth among other things and so he is the Way, Guide and Hope for me to reach God.

8. I believe in the brotherhood of man and Fatherhood of God as taught by Jesus Christ and believe in cultivating peace, love, kindness and goodness for betterment of life on earth.

9. I understand that in this life on earth I am likely to face situations of joy, sorrow, success and tribulations which are opportunities for me to gain experience and maturity for my lives in future ages at other worlds till I become perfect to be in God's direct presence, as promised by Jesus Christ.

10. I believe that the Urantia Book which came as a gift from the higher celestial beings as per God's plan is a proper knowledge and guide book for people who wish to live according to God's wish and understand more about the universe organisation.